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Nft gas fee help

Hey everyone. I’ve been researching nfts for a couple months and I was finally ready to purchase my first one. I am in this because I have heard a ton of ways ppl are making lots of money, just as much loosing too, even more so. I invested about $500 into a Metamask account and for the next couple weeks I was looking for the perfect project to flip for profit. Im in this for the short game. I don’t really care about the community or perks of owning, just buy and sell for a profit. I bought into this one project. I was like $260 and $330 with gas fees. The activity seemed good and the art was cool too. I then almost instantly go to sell it. I see what others are selling for a decide a price. Then a $200 fee just for selling? How am I supposed to turn a profit with the gas fees being higher than what I’m selling for?
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