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New Paper Reveals Massive Bitcoin Backing. This news should be good for all the cryptocurrencies in general.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been handed huge support this morning from researchers at Imperial College London, who have said digital currencies are primed for mass adoption. [](
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Why is the crypto market crashing?

Right now, the average cryptocurrency is down almost 4.5% in the last day, whereas Bitcoin SV (BSV) is one the few cryptocurrencies defying the global trend
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Introducing Rocket: get a loan against your NFTs

Long gone are the days where you had to deposit more money in than you get money out. With Rocket, you don’t have to put down any funds at all. Last month, I started a Telegram chat with a few…
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DeFi Targets $1 Billion in Assets Under Management

Ethereum Price: $162.85Ethereum Price (BTC): 0.018981BTCETH Locked in DeFi: 3.13M (2.86% of circulating supply)Market Cap: $17.81BETH Network Dominance*: 67.53%7 Day Candle**: $142.69 / $179.65 / $142...
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Why Has The Ethereum Ice Age Been Delayed

Ethereum’s difficulty bomb keeps the hashing rate constant to a value where the hashing complexity is increased with every 100,000 blocks mined. 2 January 2020, as the 9,200,000th block mined, the Mui...