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New Governance Vote on Nyan.Finance is Live!

After a couple days of deliberation, [Nyan.Finance]( has decided to vote on taking a play out of $Core's playbook. **The Nyan community is voting on whether or not to launch of v2 of Nyan (All Nyan/NIP/dNyan holders would be given a 1 to 1 swap) and add in the Liquidity Locking Mechanism $Core Utilizes.** *As of right now, the vote is overwhelmingly favoring a migration to v2 and adding this feature*: ​ ​ *This has been an extremely eventful day.* ***Nyan***'**s price has** ***increased from a low of about $50 to going as high as $320***. The results of today's trading can be seen below: ​ ​ A short but quick update for all of you following. When the results are tallied and the vote is decided we will announce the direction in which the community has chosen! *Stay tuned!!!!!!*
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