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Last chance to get on the Neon District RPG waitlist!

Neon District, what we know so far!

Neon District is an upcoming cyberpunk RPG running on a Loom sidechain! It is the flagship game coming out of the indie game studio Blockade Games. We first heard about the game in January 2018, but much has happened since then. The team has transitioned from the idea of a Trading Card based RPG into a fully featured RPG.

The waitlist

Blockade Games just released a waiting list for Early Access to the game. Spots for the early access release are limited, so the earlier you sign up the better your chance to join. Along with early access, the people who sign up are also rewarded with a Founder’s Key. Their position in the waiting list decides how awesome rewards they will get as a thanks for signing up! Read more about the campaign further down below. The early access is set to start on May 1st.The last day to sign up for early access is 22nd of March.

First Neon District Teaser

On August 24th the first Neon District teaser was released to the public. It tells the story of a future where cryptocurrencies has taken over the world. A world with advanced robotics and technology. Watch it below!

First Gameplay Demo

The first ever gameplay video released about Neon District was made public to the world at ETHDENVER 2019. It shows how combat can look like in Neon District, I wonder if the last one is a boss of sorts! Check it below.

Turn up the sound, cause that music is just amazing! Game features

Not a lot have been spoken about the game features in depth yet, so here I will briefly mention what you can expect in the upcoming game.

Images from a presentation by Ben Heidorn from approximately 5 months ago. Character

You will be able to choose a Champion, and this character will evolve over time gaining experience, and acquiring new NFT items to wear. The idea from Blockade Games is that value should come from playing (Proof of Play), meaning that the more you use your assets/characters...

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