Need advice on MSc Thesis on Quantum Computers and Ethereum

18D Ago
Hello everyone, I have just recently started writing my MSc thesis on how Quantum Computers will affect the Ethereum blockchain. It is a tricky subject, as Ethereum is currently going through the merger towards PoS. As of now, I am thinking of making use of the current layout: 1. Discuss the Quantum Computers and the Quantum Threat 2. Investigate the current level of cryptography used in Ethereum, and see to what extent it is Quantum-Safe 3. Discuss potential quantum-safe algorithms, such as the ones announced by NIST, and look whether those can be implemented. 4. Evaluate to what extent Ethereum can become Quantum-Safe 5. Discuss organizational/technological barriers for implementation (soft/hard fork etc.) After all these aspects are discussed, the final deliverable would be a potential roadmap for Ethereum on how they can start preparing to become quantum-safe. It will discuss what they will have to take into account, while also looking into possible obstacles that they might encounter (organizational/technological), with possible ways of mitigating those. If anyone has any suggestions and things to take into account, or perhaps interesting sources/articles, I would really appreciate the help. Any help is welcome at this point :) Looking forward to your comments. Thank you!!