MyEthWallet acting all funky?

self.ethereum1m ago
I've updated my trezor after a long time, then used MyEthWallet (I used a saved link so I don't think I was phished or anything). But the interface was a bit weird since the icon for the help button was missing. I also couldn't connect, it was just kinda looping back: I chose Trezor, new tab opened about exporting the key, when I accepted and chose an adress, it went back to chosing Trezor. Then I unplugged and plugged my Trezor and opened the site again I got a different, newer-looking interface for MyEthWallet (so maybe I was using a cached version from a year ago?). I managed to connect, but some things are still funky. Like no matter what I click in the history, it just zooms up on some 1 point in the past with half the ETH I have now. On the left the price of my total holdings in dollars is shown correctly, but at the bottom where all the tokens are listed, it shows ETH at 112k per coin (plz God): []( Any idea what's going on here? I'm using Chrome. ​ Edit: The only idea I have is that my regional settings use a comma as the decimal point and this gets confused by the wallet. I have it changed in Excel to use the point as the decimal point so maybe that messes with settings.