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MyEtherWallet’s All New Interface, Is Here

Let’s Make it Official! MEW V5, MyEtherWallet’s All New Interface, Is Here

Dear #MEWfam!

We are excited and proud to present MEW V5, the new interface of our Ethereum blockchain portal, completely redesigned inside and out!

There is a great deal of discussion in the crypto community about the necessity of providing a great user experience if we are to see widespread blockchain adoption. At MEW, we focus on getting the best ideas out of those discussions and then implementing them, as simply and intuitively as possible, for our users.

Sure, there are pretty color schemes, cute buttons and friendly fonts — but at the end of the day, here’s what a great user experience means to us:

No nonsense. You shouldn’t have to endure “tech speak,” but neither should you be spoken to like you are five. We believe in a simple interface, with customer support and education available on demand — welcoming to new users, and respectful to experienced ones. No intrusion. We don’t store any data about users. There is no tracking, no emails, no ads and no demographics. We will never monetize in a way that interferes with user experience. Security matters most.

In the world of crypto, interface updates are more than beautification — they are a process of arriving together, as a community, at what will work best for all current and future users of blockchains. Better interfaces are about discovering the most universally intuitive way of interacting with decentralized financial and governance structures, so that their promise of zero barrier to entry can be fully realized. We contribute to that goal by always striving to make our product more secure and more accessible!

A Friendly Face

From the start, we wanted to create a platform that is compatible across different devices — desktop, tablet and mobile. The uncluttered, inviting interface works on any screen, immediately directing you to accessing your wallet or, if this is your first time usin...

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