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My Native Layer 2 Token is all Grow’d Up and Listed on a Mainnet Exchange

So I built Cryptoraves. Its a dapp that lives on Layer 2 for anyone who wants to launch an ERC20 token using only Twitter(!). A part of that project’s vision is for L2’s role to be a sort of incubator for “fledgling” tokens, and when some of them are matured and ready to fly they can migrate on to the Ethereum Mainnet.

As a proof of concept, I tried this out with my own @cartosys Cryptoraves token. I did this by exporting to Mainnet and listing it on the exchange using their fantastic “list your own token” feature — I do LOVE zero barriers!

And I learned so much in the process I want to show you how it all worked, just for fun:

1.) Back in October I sent this tweet:

You can too, BTW. See, Cryptorave’s system picks these up via the Twitter API and knows to instantly launch a billion brand new ERC-20 tokens. In this case with MY handle attached. And so I tweeted them around to friends, colleagues, etc. Which is a lot of fun, BTW! As a result I must not-so-humbly brag that I’m currently ranked #4 on our Leaderboard (although I fear i will inevitably be knocked further down at the rate many savvier folks are advancing up the ranks).

2.) Anyways, all of Cryptorave’s transactions are performed on Loom’s Layer 2 Basechain. This allows us to provide the barrier-free experience for our Twitter users. Now Layer 2 is great, but my Token has its own yearnings to explore, and even though I consider it far too young, I understand its ambitions to go out into the wide world of Layer 1. So decided to help it do so.

A Dope Gate

3.) The Loom Transfer Gateway. <- This is the portal into the bustling streets of Mainnet through which my fledgling tokens must pass. It took some focused coding , but I hacked together a manual system for withdrawing some of my tokens out of L2. I consider this the beginning work towards Automatic Mainnet import and export, which is one of our major future roadmap features.

4.) Ok, now that ...

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