My ETH are stuck in a bridge when trying to transfer them from Polygon to ETH. "error in contract execution" - can you help me?

22D Ago
\-- I will not reply in DMs, don't even try -- ​ I asked for help in the polygon subreddit, but no success. so I try to bridge my WETH from polygon to ethereum using the []( bridge. There are 2 steps. First the WETH from polygon is transferred to a smart contract which went through. Next step is to initiate another transaction to withdraw the ETH. The first step went through. The tx hash was shown instantly on polygonscan: []( The next step does not work. After an hour, the bridge offered me a "try again" button to broadcast another transaction, and I did that as well, but in both cases the tx does not even show on etherscan. Both times the transaction were initiated on polygon and are shown as failed on polygonscan ("Warning! Error encountered during contract execution \[**execution reverted")**. []( if you check out the smart contract that is being called, you can see that all the tx fail. []( The smart contract on ethereum seems to work though? []( On the bridge it still shows as tx pending. What am I doing wrong? What can I do?