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Moonbois: The Battle for the Moon

Game Theory always throws an interesting twist into everything it touches. We’ve seen some projects in the cryptocurrency space like Tribute (TRBT) put their own spin on things, but what ***Moonbois*** ***($Moonbois)*** is bringing to the table literally pits one side of the community against the other in what should amount to a battle of epic proportions, considering it is the first conceptualized MMORPG DeFi Yield Farming Protocol. ​ ***Moonbois*** is an ERC20 Token (***Contract address: 0x1499f5ed61ED3DeA00A3225531986F3493dA61B6***) which will be a direct competitor in the ecosystem against another token launched in the system called ***Fudsters***. As quoted in the developers own medium article found here, “The ***Moonbois*** are trying to colonize the moon… Unfortunately they were unaware of the presence of ***Fudsters***, a low iq inhabitant of the moon, who have set out to destroy the ***Moonbois*** moonbase.” A third token called ***Moonfuel*** is also being utilized. The top 50 holders of ***Moonfuel*** will have a chance to get involved in the ***Moonbois*** presale. The other 50 spots in the presale will be reserved for ***Fudsters***. ​ ***Moondust*** is the token which will be distributed through farming via ***Moonbois*** or ***Fudster***. Just to break it down for you crypto enthusiasts, there are a total of 4 tokens that will play a part in the tokenomics of this project and they are ***Moonbois***, ***Fudsters***, ***Moonfuel***, and ***Moondust***. ​ Each token will have their own unique purpose and I will break it down as follows: ​ ***Moonbois*** *- Total/circulating supply = 600- 500 sent to Moonfuel holders, 100 sent to Liquidity pool with Moonfuel- Will be used to stake an...
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