Minor Mining Rant

12D Ago
In the weeks before the official merge actually went down, I moved to a place where I could mine ethereum for the first time. I downloaded the Trex miner set up ethermine and put in my wallet address. I probably should have done more research because I picked the 2miners pool. The minimum payout for withdrawal was .01 ethereum. In the beginning I wasn't worried because I thought surely the merge would get pushed back or delayed. In the end I only had mined up to a measly 9 dollars which was a few dollars short of the minimum withdrawal. They stated they were doing final payouts and it might take some time to process. In the meantime I contacted support and asked if I was able to withdraw my final amount I mined. They simply said nope, I had not reached the minimum payout of .01. I'm pissed but I guess they technically had a right to withhold the ethereum, since they stated if you used their pool you had to abide by the .01 minimum withdrawal. I should have done more dd on that. At this point I'm just curious as to where the ethereum goes. Does it stay inaccesible on the chain or in a dead wallet of sorts? Or does it line the pockets of the people who run the pool. Honestly ignorant about what goes down. At the end of the day it was only a few dollars of eth, but it was definitely several weeks of mining down the drain.