20D Ago
Well first I would like to say Happy merge day fellow Etherians! So I'm running a validator and was on my allnodes dashboard, when I clicked on the node address I noticed a new setting which had MEV-Boost Disabled. When I clicked on this it brought another list for me to select. 1. Can anyone be kind enough to tell me what these are? 2. How can the network benefit from these if we enable it? 3. How will our validator benefit? 4. Which option makes the most sense? Now I'm tempted to activate any of them just to see but I don't wanna do anything stupid. Please help :) ​ * 🚀Flashbots📷 * ⭐Ethical📷bloXroute Ethical * 🛂Regulated📷Flashbots, bloXroute regulated * 💎Max Profit (No regulated relays)📷bloXroute max profit, Blocknative * 💰Max Profit (Any relays)📷Flashbots, bloXroute max profit, Blocknative