Metamask Alternatives? Secure 2FA Wallets?

self.ethtrader2y ago
It's surprising to realize just how reliant the whole Ethereum ecosystem is on Metamask. I haven't seen any alternatives that do everything Metamask does, and few that provide even a significant subset of its functionality. That said I don't trust Metamask to hold a lot of funds. And many weird defi tokens aren't supported by hardware wallets or wallet apps (ie. iDai, Chai, Tokensets). Personally I just need something a little more secure to hold tokens. I don't understand why every wallet doesn't simply allow you to add custom tokens. I was able to successfully transfer unsupported tokens out of my Ledger Nano with MyEtherWallet, but the interface had serious problems. To make this work I had to agree to ~5 different screens on the Nano without reading them in order to make the transaction happen before it timed out. I think this had something to do with the Windows security dialog bug. Argent looked like a good solution, but it doesn't provide a passphrase to restore my wallet or duplicate it to another device. No idea what happens if my phone dissappears or Argent dissappears. They say their guardian system will restore my keys, but this raises more questions than it answers. I can't trust this with any significant funds. Not your keys... Gnosis Safe does provide a passphrase but only provides 2FA through a mysterious key card of some kind. Does anyone have any suggestions?