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Mesh News 08.02.18 – ConsenSys Media

“The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream.“ –Jorge Luis Borges Ethereum Fundamentals

Web 3.0 is coming. Read up.

Blockchain vs. Distributed Ledger Technologies. A blockchain has different functionalities and characteristics than a distributed ledger. Our Protocol Business Architect Brent Xu breaks down the differences. How to Store Digital Assets on Ethereum. Everything you need to know about wallets, seed phrases, exchanges, and security when engaging with cryptocurrency and digital assets. Decentralized Storage. IPFS and incentive platforms like Filecoin and Swarm are complementary technologies that will interoperate with Ethereum to round out Web 3.0. Read the rundown on how these systems will work together. Vapor Ants present HODLism: Initial Soul Offering. Releases, Integrations, Demos, and Rundowns

ConsenSys has over 50 active projects working up and down the stack to build out the Ethereum ecosystem.

Civil Token Launch. Civil’s decentralized journalism platform is poised to revolutionize and reinvigorate twenty-first century news. Their token launch will begin on September 18. Kaleido + Nethereum. Kaleido, the all-in-one blockchain business cloud is connecting to Nethereum, an open source .NET integration library for Ethereum. This Month at OpenLaw. Announcements, use cases, what the OpenLaw team is reading, and more. UnionBank, Kaleido, and ConsenSys have partnered to launch Project i2i with the goal of bringing financial inclusion to the millions that are unbanked in the Philippines. Deep Dives

Between all the breaking blockchain news, these deep dives from subject matter experts across the Mesh help break blockchain news down.

“How to Build a Decentralized Organization” — OrgDev chef Jose Caballer throws trust falls and powerpoints out the window and explores the key ingredients to a thriving and emergent company culture. “State of Stablecoins 2018” — VariabL CCO Nathan Sexer undertakes an exhaustive study of ...
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