Merging and Sharding won’t make scaling solutions obsolete. On the contrary, they’ll give scaling solutions more value.

self.ethereum8d ago
This is a very common misconception in the Ethereum space and it’s actually been addressed on multiple occasions for a while not. Yet, the nearer the merge will be happening the more I’m starting to see people comment about “scaling solutions being obsolete when ETH2.0 rolls out”. First of all, ETH2.0 is not a thing anymore. Ethereum on its own will not scale. ETH gas fees will always be high and we should swallow that pill already. Ethereum is following a rollup-centric roadmap that will give more advantages and leverage to L2s and NOT the Ethereum blockchain itself. This is exactly why we’ve been seeing so much development recently in the L2 space especially with zero-knowledge. ZkSync has had their zkEVM testnet out for months now. Although I think its very frustrating that its closed source. It literally defeats the whole purpose of a zkEVM. Polygon has their zkEVM in development still right now but its the only open source zkEVM that I know of so far. And we’re only getting started. The growth in the L2 and scalability game is growing exponentially each passing day. If we keep up this pace, Ethereum will become unrecognizable. The gas fee issues will become entirely irrelevant and Ethereum critics will shut up. This will all happen thanks to scaling solutions, not Ethereum itself. Vitalik himself even expressed his support for L2s and said something along the lines of that Ethereum’s future relies entirely on scaling solutions and more specifically rollups.