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What’s next for MARKET Protocol?

What’s next for MARKET Protocol?

Our v2 Roadmap and an MKT update

Launching on mainnet is a major milestone and we’re thankful to our team and supporters who got us here! First — We’re Listening to our users and our community — You!

We want to know what worked and what didn’t. What was hard to understand? How can we improve? Hop into our Discord and let us know.

MARKET Protocol by the numbers

Since launching MARKET Protocol, MARKET Protocol Exchange (MPX), and the minting platform (Polymer) on mainnet less than three weeks ago, we have been pleased with the traction.

300+ Registered users on MPX Over 150 completed trades 55,000+ DAI traded in Position Token Volume Over 150,000 DAI locked into smart contracts using Polymer 150% week over week growth in new traders on MPX

Over 100 new users received more than 20,000 MKT for participating in a series of activities on MPX which leads to MKT, how it fits into the ecosystem.

How is the token currently used within the network? On MPX, anyone can mint Position Tokens by depositing collateral and receive a discounted minting fee if paid in MKT. Fees can also be paid in the collateral token (DAI) but without the discount. Starting August 1st, and with each subsequent contract settlement 25% of the MKT used to pay fees will be burned (until version 2). Protocol governance and risk management decisions will be made by MKT token holders. For example, voting on which synthetic assets will be listed will take place on a soon to be released dashboard.

We are exploring a few different mechanisms on token distribution including an IEO/ICO. For now, limited quantities of MKT may be purchased directly on MPX.

v2 Roadmap

Market Protocol v2 focuses on expanding the ecosystem and introducing governance mechanisms for decentralizing key components of the protocol. With v2 MKT token holders will begin to secure the network through staking.

Planned Enhancements:

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