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Maker Governance Review: June 2020

The Maker Governance Review is a monthly recap of all Governance activity, from Governance Cycle progress and polling and voting history to blog posts focused on community decision-making. Each review is written by the Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs) Editor to keep the Maker community informed of Governance developments.

Key Outcomes of the Second Governance Cycle

The second Governance Cycle, which began June 1 and ended on June 26, included some significant milestones for the Maker community and MakerDAO.

Six proposals entered the Governance Cycle this month and were successfully ratified on June 25. With the passing of these proposals, Maker now officially has a Risk Domain Team, an updated Collateral Onboarding framework, and a new system to enable Maker Governance to signal an intention to the wider community. Learn more about the six ratified proposals: 

MIP13: Declarations of Intent MIP4c2-SP1: MIP6 Amendments MIP4c2-SP2: MIP8 Amendments MIP4c2-SP3: MIP9 Amendments MIP4c2-SP4: MIP12 Amendments MIP7c3-SP2: Subproposal Adding a Risk Domain Team Onboarding

Next, two new MIPs were submitted with the intention to enter July’s Governance Cycle: 

MIP16: Weekly Governance Cycle  MIP17:  Weekly Actual Debt Ceiling Adjustments and Utilization Based Risk Premium Adjustments

These proposals are currently in the Request for Comments (RFC) phase, meaning now is the time for the Maker community to provide feedback on them or request changes from the Proposal Authors. 

The weekly and monthly Governance Cycles at a glance. MIPs Resources

Remember to review the Maker Improvement Proposals Category in the Maker Forum and visit the #mips channel to discuss topics related to MIPs, the Self-Sustaining MakerDAO Initiative, and long-run governance. 

To learn more about the governance activities that occur during the Monthly Governance Cycle, see MIP3 for a week-by-week breakdown....

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