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Lost your crypto job? Ethereum community is here yo help you!

In times of need, the community comes together.

In the tundra of crypto winter, several companies have laid off substantial portions of their staff. Groups of all sizes have been affected, from SpankChain (which downsized from 12 to 8 people) to ConsenSys (which said it would lay off 13 percent of its approximately 1,200 employees). It's debatable whether these cutbacks are influenced by plummeting cryptocurrency prices, internal factors (such as ineffective business strategies), or a mix of the above. Regardless, people are unemployed.

In response to the unemployment situation, María Paula Fernández (MP) has used her Twitter platform to help those affected. MP works on communications at Golem, but she also plays a significant role in several Ethereum- and blockchain-related initiatives (she is the organizer for ETHBerlin, for example). One might say she is Ethereum's own Cher.

Because she travels to various events and works with many people in the space, MP has developed a robust network of contacts. Even though she did not have a concrete plan, she knew she could use her connections to help the community.

"Really, I didn't know what I was doing [at first]," she told ETHNews. "I just started tweeting because I got a bunch of requests, and I have a good contact network because of the events and because, again, we travel all together. It was … super organic."

Her Twitter feed currently offers a (growing) list of crypto companies looking for talent, from Aragon and Parity to Neufund and the Web3 Foundation. She has also created a GitHub repository so companies and organizations that are hiring can share their job openings.

In general, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive; she said many groups in the space have direct-messaged or tweeted at her with opportunities. She added that she is "really glad that all these companies started reaching out," elaborating that this collaboration "shows that we a...

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