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Loopring’s zkRollup AMM is Live

Orderbook trading — our previous forte — has not yet been enabled on v3.6 (but is still running on v3.1). We will do that gradually after more AMM pools are made available first. Then in the near future, we’ll add support for smart order routing — so that a user’s order can be routed to corresponding AMM pools and order books, splitting orders to find best pricing execution.

At some point in December, we will launch AMM liquidity mining, incentivizing LPs for selected pools, with rewards paid out in LRC. We will launch this liquidity mining program once Loopring Wallet, our smart contract wallet app, integrates the AMM within the app.

Gas-free, instant swaps Gas-free, instant liquidity provision

Use it now at

Please note that Loopring 3.6 is still in its early beta. You should be aware of these many risks before you try it.

As part of the 3.6 release, all tokens registered in the old 3.1 version have been added to the new rollup (not enabled in AMM pools yet, but able to be transferred thereon.)

How to get aboard

If you have a Loopring Wallet, that means you are already on Loopring v3.6. So if you have assets on L2 in your wallet, they can be used immediately on the AMM at You can use your Loopring Wallet to connect to the web app via WalletConnect. Very soon, you will also be able trade on the AMM directly in your wallet.

If you have never used a Loopring product before, simply visit with your Ethereum wallet and get aboard L2. You simply deposit assets on L2 and you are good to go.

If you are a previous user of the ‘old’ Loopring Exchange in the past year, that means you are on v3.1, which is effectively a different L2 (a different Merkle tree). You cannot use v3.6 and the AMM with your old L2 account address. You must withdraw from the old L2 to L1, then do one of the options mentioned above:

If you have a Loopring Wallet, y...
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