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Loom SDK Projects: CryptoWars — A Strategy Game that Lets you Build a Village, Summon an Army, and Fight Enemies on the Blockchain

Loom SDK Projects: CryptoWars — A Strategy Game that Lets you Build a Village, Summon an Army, and Fight Enemies on the Blockchain

CryptoWars is a strategy game that lets you build your own village, form alliances, summon an army, and go to war with enemies to take control of other realms. With the help of the Loom SDK, CryptoWars will run on its own dedicated blockchain.

Today, I am excited to announce that Experimental — the creators of an incredible blockchain-based strategy game called CryptoWars — will be building their game on top of the Loom SDK 🎉

In fact, you can ALREADY purchase skins and starter packs from the CryptoWars marketplace.

As you know, we’ve written extensively about why games will be the catalyst for blockchain mass adoption.

As far as CryptoWars goes…

That means… game assets, logic, status, etc. will ALL be stored on a dedicated blockchain.

It also means the end user will have total control and freedom over their CryptoWars game assets.

As a bonus, third-party developers will also be able to contribute to CryptoWars by creating custom quests.

Granted, that’s BARELY scratching the surface.

If you are serious — you should read about all the insane benefits of blockchain gaming.


So, What is CryptoWars and How Do I Play It? 🤔

In essence, CryptoWars is a strategy game that lets you:

Build and customize your own village Form alliances Summon an army Go to war with enemies and take control of realms

…and this is will be ALL done on a blockchain.

If it helps — you can think of yourself as a nerd version of Genghis Khan 😉

But… before you summon armies or fight enemies — you’ll have to build your civilization from scratch.

As a new player, you’ll start the game with a Village and a single building called The City Center.

As a new player, you’ll be responsible for building your own civilization starting from an empty villa...
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