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LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK: I started working on DeFiZap to help anyone get instant exposure across multiple DeFi protocols in a single transaction. This saves time & gas. Earlier this month we took #1 @KyberDeFi Hackathon & are currently looking for additional feedback from the community :)

​ **🔗** [****]( ⚙️ [**Github**]( **⏯** [**DeFi Tutorials**]( **💬** [**Telegram**]( **What is DeFiZap?** * DeFiZap is a system of smart contracts to help anyone get instant exposure across multiple DeFi protocols in a single transaction through Zaps. * Zaps auto-spread incoming deposits into balance tracking tokens (e.g. cDAI, dLETH2x, iDAI, etc.) based on coded allocations, ***saving users time (minimum 2 Metamask interactions eliminated) & gas (average 40% saved on gas as opposed to manually interacting with multiple protocols).*** * End-users and dapp developers are able to utilize one of the deployed Zaps or customize & deploy their own using a general Zap Factory contract. For example, Double Bull Zap automatically splits your deposit into opening Perpetual (no expiration) 2x Long on **ETH**([dLETH2x]( + **BTC**([dLWBTC2x]( So if you send 1 ETH to[ DoubleBull.DeFiZap.eth]( * 0.5 of your ETH will go towards opening Perpetual BTC Long position with 2x leverage. * 0.5 ETH will be used to open Perpetual ETH Long with 2x leverage. This means you will have exposure to 1 ETH (0.5x2). allocates incoming deposits 90% to cDai and 10% to dLETH2x. Therefore, if you send 1 ETH to this Zap, you will receive 0.9 ETH's worth of cDai and place a 2X margin trade with 0.1 ETH on Fulcrum (giving you exposure to 0.2 ETH). Lender's Zap is interesting because, within a year, the interest generated from ...
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