Looking at Nostr and wondering why Status has been a complete flop?


Look I don't usually like to dunk on projects, but Status came out of the 2017 bull market with almost $100M in capital, and frankly I'm shocked this team has failed to produce anything, let alone a usable standard for Ethereum based messaging that's safe. Everything on paper has pretty much said Status should be a dominant messenger. We had in the past year with covid:

  • Multiple political turmoil that should have allowed Status to become mainstream as an effective privacy tool
  • A great bull run catalyst that could have captured more users
  • An entire NFT ecosystem that uses chat and token gating tools

Yet, in every case, Status completely fumbled with effective marketing and strategy. To this day, there's no incentive to run nodes, no reason to use it as a wallet since its mostly clunky and doesn't natively support L2s, and even your top tier Ethereum users just don't use it.

What is wrong with this team? I feel like it's in a position to really get major use and be a great mainstream wallet, yet teams like Rainbow and even Argent have captured more users. I frankly think it's embarrassing that in our ecosystem, we have to defer to horrifying alternatives for private chat like Discord and Telegram instead of using an Eth native alternative, yet here we are outsourcing to insecure options because Status cannot even get a product out the door even after being given $100M. Whatever happened to adding this chat layer onto nodes to help boost adoption? Whatever happened to the update that was supposed to happen months ago? Whatever happened to the desktop client? Whatever happened to the team "dogfooding" the app and being responsive on Status chat rooms, who are now basically running all comms in Discord at this point? This team barely managed to even be present at their table at devcon

I'm sorry but I think there needs to be some serious public shaming right now to get this team to either reorganize and fire it's leads, or at least do some amount of work to get a product out the door. If Ethereum wants to be more mainstream, we should at least promote a secure web3 chat product that could be useful in places like Hong Kong and Taiwan. It seems like such a simple use case to get more adoption, but absolutely nothing is being done. Nostr probably has more users at this point, with a fraction of the funding. Why can't our community demand more and possibly support more efforts for decentralized chat? The original idea was to attach this to Ethereum nodes as well to boost its use and make it more private, but even that seems to be a lost cause. Can Status do anything right here? I really want this product to actually go mainstream and get more use, but there's pretty much no use in any hope of this product getting adoption when the team barely shows up and trickles out innovation at glacial speed.