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Long Term Incentives for Investors

Like.Finance’s innovative loyalty reward system rewards investors who believe in the project. Throughout the last months, the DeFi projects made themselves known to pretty much everybody in the crypto space. Many traders and investors are reminded of the ICO hype at the end of 2017, where thousands of crypto currencies popped up, to disappear shortly afterward again. The current DeFi hype has similar patterns. Thousand of Liquidity Farming / Staking projects appear, get pumped before staking goes live, and slowly bleed out in because whales who invested huge amounts take profit as soon as possible. What is missing is a long term incentive for investors to hold the staking token. # Incentivizing long term investors to participate in the ecosystem That’s where comes into play. Since many people fell victim to the short-paced mechanisms, the team is operationalizing this momentum. We are using our innovative token reward model to reward users who participate in the ecosystem long term while fighting the typical hyperinflation pattern of most current yield farming projects.
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Rubic Weekly Report 11/27

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Introducing the Base Protocol

As cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we’re sometimes divided on which digital assets to buy — bullish on certain projects and bearish on others. But we all agree on one thing, which is that the overall…