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LeverJ and DEXs: Some Initial Thoughts

LevJ and DEXs

The Battle of DEXs is getting absurd at this point.





Have raised, collectively hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sadly, the hype train hasn’t left the station, but I figured I wanted to work through, for my own justification, why LeverJ shows the most promise. If I’ve learned anything in crypto, it is not who is first or who is loudest, it who actually shows up to the dance with a date or, in this case, who has a working product.

Also, let’s cut this off at the head: I am not a shill. I am not Ian Balina sucking the community dry. I own less than 20 ETH but have enjoyed my purchase of each one of those ETH by saving small amounts from each paycheck. This article is being written mostly for myself to see if I understand LeverJ and to engage in a discussion with the crypto community because this area is probably the most important (especially with the China news) and the most lucrative for whichever team wins!

Moreover, as always, I point out some concerns at the bottom of the article and think these need to be addressed by the team and are definitely items to be thought through over the next month.

What is LeverJ:

A decentralized exchange (a “DEX”) that allows for margin and futures trading for cryptocurrencies.

Unlike other DEXs, LeverJ has two distinctive features: (i) decentralization of the custody of funds and (ii) it will enable margin and futures trading. While I am not big into margin trading, the appeal of futures trading is immense as I have been dying to take long positions on BTC and ETH at various times over the last year.

Also, unlike Airswap or 0x, you also actually get something for having LeverJ’s tokens, called LEV. Instead of a “membership” to participate in the platform or some other random benefit, LEV actually generates something called FEE (which is like GAS/BNB, both of which have independent value and drive the value of the u...

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