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Legitimate Ways To Make Money With Crypto in 2021

The market is going through a correction, but you can still make money with crypto – as long as you choose safe passive income tools. **What are APY and APR?** I’ll mention APY a lot, so it’s worth giving a definition first. APY stands for ‘annual percentage yield’ and means the total return on an investment over a period of one year with compound interest (i.e. if you don’t withdraw the interest but add it to the principal). You shouldn’t confuse APY with APR **(annual percentage rate)**: the latter doesn’t take into account compound interest. The more frequently the interest accrues, the bigger the difference between the two. In general, the return rate you’ll see on crypto investment websites is the APY. Remember that if you withdraw the interest every time, **you’ll end up earning less than the APY.** If you are looking for passive income and peace of mind, it’s better to focus on the three largest cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Together, they account for 70% of the overall market capitalization. Each of these cryptos has its own source of value: * **BTC** is the ultimate crypto investment vehicle; many believe its value will exceed $100k one day. One of the reasons is that it’s scarce: Bitcoin’s maximum supply is capped at 21M, and with time fewer and fewer BTC will be entering the market. * **ETH** is the fuel for the world’s largest dApp ecosystem, and it should grow more valuable as Ethereum evolves into the much more scalable Eth 2.0; * **USDT** is the biggest stablecoin – it’s always worth $1, so traders and investors use it to make profits and protect their capital during periods of volatility. **Platforms where you earn interest on crypto** Company: [****]( Stable Coins (e.g. USDC): **6-12% APY** Bitcoin: **4.5% APY** Company: [**Midas.Investments**]( Stable Coins (e.g. USDC): **Up to** **17% APY** Bitcoin: **Up to 19% APY** Company: **Nexo** Stable Coins (e.g. USD...
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