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Ledger help

Hopefully one of you guys can help me out. Back in March 2017 I put some eth on to a ledger nano s and stuck it in a drawer till 10 days ago. I tried to access it but the firmware was on 1.2 and I contacted support who sent me a new ledger nano s. I tried to set this up using my 24 word seed and it did not work. I started checking spellings etc using the BIP 39 list of words and noticed that one of the words i had written down was “BAND”. That is not on the list. I have spent 6 hours checking and trying different words, sand, hand, brand, bind etc etc etc. None of them seem to work. The thing is, the card has been hidden away since March 2017 and is in perfect condition. The words are all in very clear block capitals. There is no way I would have written that word if it was not given to me BUT if I did make a mistake like that then I can’t be sure of the integrity of the rest of the words. The original ledger works but is stuck on firmware 1.2. Can anyone help?
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