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Ledger Hardware wallet has recently leaked database of 100's of it's users

If you have ordered a Ledger hardware wallet sometime this year then your personal information has been potentially leaked and will be targeted by the attackers through phishing attempts etc.. What has been leaked: >**first and last name, postal address, phone number or ordered products** Official announcement from Ledger: []( ​ hundreds of People have reported to receive emails and text messages recently from Ledger asking to click on the links etc. Messages will contain your full and real names so don't freak out ​ How you can protect yourself: 1. Never ever give your seed phrase to anyone online or type it in anywhere 2. Never click the malicious links 3. Always seek help from the official channels of support of ledger i.e. their original website 4. Don't panic any other question, I would be happy to help
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