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Learn How Civil’s Decentralized Newsrooms Are Reviving Journalism

Learn How Civil’s Decentralized Newsrooms Are Reviving Journalism

The CVL Token sale began this week! Find out what’s at stake for the fourth estate and how you can get involved.

The recent tribulations of journalism industry — be it closures of newspapers, attacks on the fourth estate, or the spread of misinformation — have highlighted the necessity for change in a tradition that plays a foundational role in the lives of people all over the world. Civil, a ConsenSys formation endeavoring to build a new economy for journalism, moves forth with its public launch of the CVL Token this week, a major step in the network’s development that has been years in the making.

Civil’s progress so far has already piqued the interest of the legacy media industry, with journalistic institutions like The New York Times, The Financial Times, PBS Newshour, and the Columbia Journalism Review highlighting the ways in which Civil can solve the very issues of ownership structure and distribution models with which even those venerated establishments struggle.

The first 14 newsrooms to run on Civil, including the The Colorado Sun, Block Club Chicago, and Sludge, focused on dark money’s influence over politics, are forging forward already with fully formed editorial missions. Not only are they laying the foundation and infrastructure for the spectrum of decentralized newsrooms that will follow, but the work already produced is equal parts insightful, provocative, and necessary.

At the core of Civil’s blueprint for a marketplace for ethical journalism is the concept of a newsroom. These groups of collectivized writers (or singular writer!) can launch digital publications on the Civil framework that are supported by readers and curated and fact-checked by the community, all of which is capacitated by the CVL Token. Although the CVL Token is used to launch newsrooms, directly support journalists, and challenge publications for veracity and validity, the ...

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