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Learn from your mistakes, Learn from My mistakes

Don’t try to time the market. So many bad things will happen. DCA if you got in to early(never sell for a loss)unless you are out for good. I set limit orders all the way down the first fall..averaged @ 2700, panic sold @ 2400 & rebought @ 2700 and now watched my account drop 2k from my mistakes. This is not the way. Do one thing or the other, buy or sell. I’m sick to my stomach, but I now hold on with the tightest of grips now matter how low it goes...and if it settles super low, I will double my coinage, put on a winter jacket and see you guys down the road. I know I could never truly time the drop, but the actions I made were completely asinine. But I believe in Eth I can’t wait for the upgrades and the flippening! Thanks for listening, this community keeps my head up high! Couldn’t do it without you all!!!
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