LayerZero $ZRO Distribution Guide - VC backed defi protocol with huge potential


People make millions of dollars from distributions like $ARB, and you can do the same!

$ZRO by u/LayerZeroNetwork has been confirmed and the potential distribution is huge.

Receive LayerZero's $ZRO distribution with this Strategy: 👇🧵

1. First and foremost, complete the registration!

Follow the instructions to register for the allowlist. This is a crucial step, as only registered users will be eligible.

➡️ Register Here

2. LayerZero is an Omnichain protocol connecting diverse blockchains, promoting seamless integration and unlocking new potential

It's mainly used for cross-chain bridging 👇🏻

3. LayerZero raised $170 million in funding, with u/Binance among their investors.

So we have a chain that has raised more money than Arbitrum and could give us a juicy drop! 🪂

4. As you can see, only 24,600 people used the bridge

this clearly shows that we are early!

Reminder: 600,000 addresses were eligible for Arbitrum's distribtuion😉

5. You can perform many actions such as depositing funds, providing liquidity or swapping assets.

By utilizing the entire ecosystem, you may be eligible for rewards from LayerZero for your engagement! 🪂

I hope you've found this thread helpful.🙏

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