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Layer 2 Discussion -- The Next Bull Market Trigger?

What's going on gang? (cringe). I'm sure many of you have enjoyed the recent bull market. One thing it exposed to a wider group of people is the sheer prohibitive/problematic quality of GAS on layer 1 Ethereum. Some transactions reached well into the $100s. Maybe even higher. During this period, we saw a few projects launch on Layer 2 (Loopring, DeversiFi, Matic, Moonswap, and more) as well as Uniswap V3 announcing plans to move to a scaling solution. Market-ready ETH 2.0 is still a long way away and that is factoring in best case scenario. We will 100% face delays. So Layer 2 is CRITICAL for the growth of Ethereum during the interim. How likely is it that L2 tokens, either those built on L2 dapps (NEC, LRP, UNI, etc.) or L2 protocol-layer tokens (like OMG) will enjoy the most engagement in the next phase of the Ethereum/Crypto journey and perhaps supercharge it? I think that would be a more sustainable engine fuel than veggie meme tokens. What are your favourite picks, why and other thoughts and predictions?
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