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Launch of the Trustlines App using an Ethereum sidechain

Reclaim your power to create money! The Trustlines App is now out of beta and available at the stores for Android and iOS devices.

We're thrilled to announce that the Trustlines App is now available to everyone directly in the Play Store and the App Store. With this release, we bring Trustlines People Powered Money one step closer to the whole world.

No more extra steps are required, you can get started in a matter of seconds! The beta version of the app has already been used by hundreds of people over the past months. During this time, people have created trustlines and provided us with feedback that helped to improve the app.

Over these months, many new features have been added. One of them is a bill splitting feature that allows selecting multiple recipients. Besides, we improved the UI, enriched push notifications, provided better onboarding of new users, and made other smaller changes.

Leveraging Trust for Financial Inclusion

We believe that everyone, including the 1.7 billion unbanked, can be a part of the economic system.

The Trustlines App is your key to start creating value based on the idea of mutual credit. Mutual credit is an organic and accessible form of money that consists of credits and debits between two mutually trusted parties. Even if someone does not have access to traditional financial tools and systems, the credit created on Trustlines can be used in their place.

You Only Need a Friend to Get Started

Once you have your account set up, you can start creating trustlines in seconds.

The Trustlines app enables opening an informal bilateral credit line, referred to as a "trustline." After creating a trustline, you and your friend set a credit limit - the highest amount that can be borrowed.

With the updated onboarding, you can send trustline requests to people with a single link. If that person isn’t already using the Trustlines App, this link will prompt them to install the app an...

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