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Last Chance to Get Staked $750+ Million HEX Payout November 19th, 2020

Last Chance to Get Staked $750+ Million HEX Payout November 19th, 2020

HEX.COM – The First High Interest Blockchain Certificate of Deposit – has outperformed every asset in 2020. Ranked Top 20 by Nomics (BTI verified #1 in Market Data Integrity), over $240 Million HEX are in active stakes paying a variable 28% APY. The average stake length is 5 years; the longest stakes are 15 years. This kind of verifiable onchain commitment seen in HEX is unprecedented in cryptocurrency.

HEX is Designed to Outperform And It’s Working

On November 19th HEX’s Big Pay Day highlights the strong finish to an exciting yearlong launch phase, crediting active stakes with 183 Billion HEX worth over $750 Million dollars. Read more about this windfall event below. All figures herein cited at the time of writing.

Design intention is never a promise, but seeing HEX perform as designed appears indeed very promising: HEX’s price has gone up 92x vs Bitcoin, 79x vs Ethereum, and 115x vs USD. It did all of this in just 129 days. By design, HEX enriches The Staker Class with a highly attractive APY plus additional rewards.

The First Onchain Truth Engine: Penalties traditional banks would keep for not honoring the terms of the time deposit – HEX pays directly to The Staker Class. Cryptocurrencies Are The Highest Appreciating Asset Class in the History of Mankind

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price did 2,000,000x from $0.01 to $20,000 in 7 years. Ethereum (ETH) did over 10,000x from $0.15 to $1,595 in 2.5 years. Had you put in $1, you could have made millions, many did. HEX is a complete and finished product designed to deliver even more.

HEX addresses a larger market than Bitcoin with superior product fit. The United States and China have over $7.2 Trillion in time deposits. This is a 50% larger market than the peer-to-peer currency market Bitcoin was designed to address where printed cas...

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