KZG Ceremony live - help scale Ethereum! 2 months for the first open contribution period


The 🕯 KZG Ceremony 🕯 went live last Friday and already has 7.5k contributions, making it the largest event of this type! If you had issues, we're working on a fix for session signouts - hope to have it live this week.

Contribute to the Ceremony
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The KZG Ceremony is a coordinated public ritual which will provide a cryptographic foundation for Ethereum scaling efforts like EIP-4844 (aka proto-danksharding). These types of events are also known as "Trusted Setups," famously used by Zcash to bootstrap the chain's privacy features. However, they can also be used to support scaling mechanisms, as Ethereum plans to do.

Proto-danksharding requires a new cryptographic scheme: KZG Commitments. These will generate a "structured reference string" (SRS) which is needed for the commitments to work. An SRS is secure as long as a single ceremony participant successfully conceals their secret.

The first open contribution period will run for ~2 months (timeline) so that everyone has a chance to participate. Currently the lobby is pretty large - a reeeally long wait. Consider coming back in a ~week and you'll have a better experience!

Here, the broader Ethereum community has a rare opportunity to contribute directly to core protocol development. In fact, the Ceremony credibility now and in the future depends on many contributions from a number of differentiated paths. Building our own infra reminds us of what we hope Ethereum will enable: accessible protocols anyone can use or contribute to. This is the practice of collective construction, the maintenance of community ideals. Our summoning manifests new meaning for a changing world.

This project was brought to life by the broader Ethereum community - a non-exhaustive "thank you" to Nico Serrano, Geoff Lamperd, Chiali, and Takamichi Tsutsumi from Privacy & Scaling Explorations, Remco Bloemen, Marcin Kostrzewa, Grzegorz Świrski and Philipp Sippl from Worldcoin, Rafael Matias, and Parithosh Jayanthi from EF DevOps, in addition to Kevaundray Wedderburn, Marius Van Der Wijden, Daniel Knopik, Ignacio Hagopian, Antonio Sanso and Paul Wackerow, Luka Kropec, Vanessa Koh, June Manuel, and Monet du Plessis for doing an incredible amount of work to enable this Ceremony.

For anyone interested in engaging deeper, we're also running a grants round. Funding is available to:
🛠 create your own implementation 🎲 generate novel randomness

Apply before Jan 31

Once the Ceremony concludes in a few months, everyone should publicly verify that the final output going into clients to support EIP-4844 is indeed the correct one - stay tuned for more updates! Thanks to everyone in the Ethereum community helping to build our shared infra.