Just because we can use Ethereum to create anything, doesn’t mean that we actually should

1M Ago
Vitalik’s main vision behind Ethereum was to create a decentralized ecosystem where the end goal decades later would be for people and institutions to get assimilated into and let go of the centralized grips of centralized tyranny. Naturally, absolute decentralization means that anyone can create anything within the bounds of the Ethereum blockchain. And while yes, using precious processing power and data to create a memecoin is completely okay abiding by the code of Ethereum, it completely disregards the main goal that Vitalik set in mind when created this blockchain. Take it from this perspective. If we ever want businesses and individuals worldwide to start adopting crypto, we’re going to need use cases (aka dApps). DeFi and DAOs in my opinion will be the major catalysts behind major crypto adoption. DAOs like MakerDAO and AAVE give people the ability to lend and borrow money at anytime of the day regardless of a person’s age, ethnicity or background. This bring a lot of value to crypto because its something that’s not available in the outside world. There are also some other DAOs like BitDAO funding organizations like EduDAO to teach students on how to become Web3 builders. There’s a ton of value in this because Web3 and blockchain related courses are still a niche that isn’t being taught in universities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers, but what is a dogcoin or memecoin going to provide for us as a society? How will these projects that have zero utility contribute to Vitalik’s vision? Again, I know that “its my money and I can do whatever I want with it” but all I’m trying to say is that there should be a collective moral between all members of this community to help grow Ethereum and it’s utility in real life instead of funding memecoins and dogcoins on Ethereum