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Just 10 addresses hold 50% of EOS tokens

Following consensus across six independent snapshots verifying the state of EOS ownership, data crunching has revealed only 10 addresses hold 496,735,539 EOS tokens or 49.67% of all one billion EOS tokens.

Some 100 million of that is held by, the company behind EOS’s ICO and the first code version of the protocol. That gives them, on top of the $4 billion worth of eth they have raised, another $1.5 billion in EOS tokens.

The other nine top ten holders are difficult to discern, but we can say the least amount held by any one of them is 20,675,047.08. The other eight addresses hold 380 million.

One such other address has 75 million EOS, translating to around $1 billion. Some quick browsing shows them linked to two other addresses. One with 13 million EOS ($200 million) and the poorest out of the top ten with the 20.6 million ($308 million).

This could be the cold wallet of an exchange, but if it is, the set-up looks slightly strange. It is very unlikely to be a hot wallet, and it may well also be the owner of the 20.6 million address.

The top ten, therefore, may be even less than ten individuals/entities, although in this specific case the two/three addresses might be an interaction between different exchanges.

Bithumb, OKEx, Huobi, Upbit, Bitfinex, Binance and, would be our guess for 7 out of the top 10 holders based on the current ranking of top exchanges by trading volumes for EOS, which have in combination handled $2.5 billion in the past 24 hours.

The top 100 EOS addresses hold 748,176,831 tokens, amounting to 74.82% of all tokens. Otherwise said, the next 90 top addresses hold 250 million tokens, accounting for 25%.

CoinMarketCap shows only 50 exchanges that handled more than $1 million in EOS trading volumes during the past 24 hours. Much of it is counting the same exchange under different trading pairs. Bitfinex, for example, is listed 5 times. We can count around 25 uniq...

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