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Burner wallet trials show crypto can’t buy you lunch yet

The burner wallet trials are back at ETHDenver 2020. A radical experiment at the recently concluded ETHDenver showed how cryptocurrency’s mainstream potential still isn’t fully realized. This year’s E...
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Ethereum 2.0: Latest Updates For 2020

🔥 TOP Crypto TIPS In My Weekly Newsletter 👉 ► DeFi Video 👉 ► Blockchain ...
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ELI5 tweet of the flash loan hack

Flash loan hack ELI5: Borrow money via a flash loan + put half in a short + use the other half to drive the price down = profit. A flash loan does it all in a single transaction because a flash loan i...
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Ethereum Account Abstraction Explained

Learn how Ethereum account abstraction has the potential to make every wallet as sophisticated as smart contract wallets creating new possibilities.
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The best cryptocurrency hardware wallets

When it comes to storing cryptocurrencies safely, hardware wallets are the gold standard. We've rounded up the best crypto hardware wallets.
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Recent Flashloan Drama Explained In A Thread

What the F#*$ is a #flashloan? A thread.First, what does a current #DeFi loan look like:A loan requires collateral. A collateral is needed in the case of a default.👇— Nathan Stern 🦇 (@NathanSternX) ...