Is using ETH to buy ETH2 on Coinbase (staking) a taxable event?

1M Ago
Do we know how Coinbase will display an ETH for ETH2 stake/buy when it comes time to do taxes? My portfolio tracking app consistently shows ETH and ETH2 having a $100-$300 USD price difference. If that's accurate and the two haven't been directly tied to each other in price, does that mean that when i staked a portion of my ETH as ETH2 earlier this year will appear as a taxable trade? Or is Coinbase going to specifically display it as simply generating interest (which would still be taxable but not as a Capital Gains/Loss trade)? Simpler Question Phrasing: Is ETH2 a separate coin (in which case, selling ETH for ETH2 would be a taxable trade) or is ETH2 just Coinbase's UI designation for staked ETH, but it's still ETH (which only the generated interest would be taxable)? ​ EDIT: Should have stated, i'm in the U.S.