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Is token distribution in PoS projects a fundamental issue?

And if yes, is it something you account for in your trading activities? Many smaller projects are promising that their governance and consensus will be Proof-of-Stake based. However, with the ability to leave 99% of the tokens to the founding team or their close partners, in many cases the PoS governance could be an absolute farce. I won't call out specific projects in this post for now, but I wanted to get the communities' thoughts on if this is a massive red flag that's just waiting for something to go wrong. Ultimately, token distribution decides the long-term health of the project, and it seems that many projects are sacrificing long-term health in favour of short-term profits and "tokenomics". Ethereum has had a distribution model of part ICO, part PoW mining and while not perfect, it still seems to be a healthier model than many other smaller projects that purely rely on their ICO. What's your thoughts?
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