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IPFS in Opera for Android

IPFS in Opera for Android

by Dietrich Ayala on 2020-03-30

As we hinted in our previous post about IPFS in web browsers, IPFS support in the Opera web browser has been in development for some time.

Today, Opera for Android 57 is live in the Google Play Store with default support for IPFS! Install Opera Android with IPFS now.

This release is a huge leap forward for the IPFS project, with a couple of important milestones:

This is the first time IPFS is enabled by default, right out of the box, in a production release of a major web browser. This is the first time IPFS is able to be used directly as an addressable protocol in a production release of a mainstream web browser. You can type ipfs:// in the address bar, and Opera for Android will load the provided content address! This is the first mobile web browser that is shipping IPFS support in a production release, easing access to decentralized content on the devices used by most internet users around the world.

This is not just a win for IPFS, but for the distributed web, peer-to-peer, and the idea of content addressability:

For the first time, a major web browser does not ask the user to specify which server the content should be fetched from.

This is a paradigmatic change in the network architecture of the web! This type of bold experimentation by companies like Opera advances our goal of truly putting users in control of their experience on the internet.

Using IPFS in Opera for Android

IPFS support is enabled by default, so as a user you don’t need to do anything to turn it on.

You can load an IPFS content address such as:


If you click the link above in Opera for Android you’ll see Wikipedia, served from IPFS!

Here’s what that same address looks like from an HTTP gateway, which will work in all browsers:
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