Introducing Legacy: Transfer your memories and belongings to your loved ones after passing away

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Introducing Legacy: Transfer your memories and belongings to your loved ones after passing away

Death and taxes are often cited as the only certainties in life. And while we don’t have much choice in filing the latter each year, we avoid thinking about the first as much as possible. Even those who want to do right by their loved ones face a long and complex process that is more often than not purely targeted at material possessions.

At the same time, technology has never offered as many possibilities for creating your own treasure trove of memories. Unstructured data is growing at an exponential rate and smart property, where ownership of physical objects is dictated by digital means, is on the horizon. Further, technology is emerging as means to have a distributed, trustless consensus.

This means we never get a chance to say goodbye to our loved ones if we don’t plan ahead in time. We never get a chance to listen to our fathers, mothers or children if they pass.

Tomorrow’s needs are clear: a way for everyone to store and distribute any kind of digital information to a parent, a husband, a wife, a child, or an acquaintance, in as many years as possible. An easier process for matching human and technological timescales, that anyone can use, anytime, anywhere.

LEGACY is building the foundation of this future, today. We will provide a decentralized application to securely store your data and memories in capsules, and designate who will receive each capsule at a time or event of your choosing.

What makes LEGACY different? Ease of use is a design priority: from the web, from a mobile application, its intuitive interface can be grasped by anyone. Longevity will be guaranteed by the distributed nature of the Ethereum Blockchain, and transparency pertaining to how your data is handled by its Smart Contracts. Each release version will be audited by third-parties.

The LEGACY platform will be built using an open architecture, where developers will be incentivised to add new communication protocols and plugins to the Proof of Life Engine and lawyers can add new contract templates for specific use cases. Even if email is no longer around in 50 years, data will be delivered in another format. If old programs can no longer be run, built-in in-app viewers will still let you visualise content bequeathed to you.

What will your loved ones remember you by after your passing? With LEGACY, you will be able to make that choice… Send your spouse a handwritten letter and your favorite photo of your marriage along with all legal documents to have your family be taken care of.

In other words, you finally will be able to say goodbye to your loved ones, even if you’re not here to do so.