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Introducing Helena: The Future of Advisory Research. A consumer-curated advisory research distribution platform

Introducing Helena: The Future of Advisory Research How Helena is solving the research gap in the blockchain space

“Helena” — derived from the Greek ‘Ελενη (Helene) “torch” or “corposant,” meaning an electrical discharge accompanied by a corona of ionization in the surrounding atmosphere.

In recent years, the advisory research industry has been undergoing a structural change. With information now so widely accessible, paid research providers struggle to define their value proposition as well as their pricing structure. Research clients, on the other side, are questioning the value of the research they are paying for, especially when it comes directly out of their P&L.

Moreover, the wide and direct access to sources of information around almost any topic lowers the barrier for those who can write insightful research. Today’s analysts do not need to be part of a globally established company in order to write high-value research. However, distributing research and competing with large established research providers remains a challenge.

What better way to solve that challenge than building an open platform that provides contributors greater agency and shared value? This is exactly what the ConsenSys Labs venture studio has committed itself to building and supporting.

Toward Distributed Research

Helena, a ConsenSys spoke, is a consumer-curated advisory research distribution platform, empowering analysts to distribute high value research while enabling consumers to curate quality. Helena is also part of the Brooklyn Project, an industry-wide initiative to promote token-powered economic growth and consumer protection.

The Helena value proposition centers on three main principles:

Transparent Curation. Helena is introducing a new token model, the Token-Ranked List (TRL), to enable consumers to evaluate and curate analyst performance. Helena is also built on top of the Gnosis infrastructure and uses prediction markets t...

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