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Introducing CCCoin - The first Charitable Decentralized Application created on the Ethereum Blockchain Platform.

Introducing CCCoin

-CCCoin LLC-

CCCoin is the most socially impactful Crypto-Currency ever — A Crypto-Currency geared toward raising capital for charitable contributions — And the first Charitable Decentralized Application created on the Ethereum Blockchain Platform.


Often, in the pursuit of profit and money, the less fortunate are forgotten. In the world of crypto-currency the lack or even the non-existence of charity is telling — CCCoin LLC was created to change that.

CCCoin is built on keeping the less fortunate in mind. Currency transactions involve little effort on behalf of the two parties making the exchange. Therefor CCCoin wants to answer a self-formed question engendered from the transaction — how if a system is created whereby it has the potential to be beneficial to those who are not fortunate enough to have their necessities fulfilled? As the answer, a Decentralized Application built using the Ethereum Blockchain Platform which is, helping to make the world a better place, CCCoin.

The tagline of CCCoin, ‘Saving the World One Currency Transaction at a Time,’- can’t be more apt.

The Most Innovative and Socially Conscious Currency Ever

Step 1:

The mechanisms of CCCoin are based on very simple finance principles — 45,000 CCCoins are created each month then deposited into the CCCoin wallet. — CCCoin is not mined, the creation of new coins happens through this consistent monthly distribution.

Step 2:

Proceeding, CCCoin sells those coins on the crypto-currency exchanges. This generates “X” amount of capital every month.

Step 3:

Seventy five percent of that “X” Capital is then donated to noteworthy charities with diverse helping hand intents and beneficiaries such as The Gates Foundation, Salvation Army, America Cancer Society, UNICEF, The Nature Conservancy and March of Dimes, to name a few — CCCoin has up to fifty charities in its target list. The remaining twenty five percen...

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