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Free, non-custodial, trustless limit orders are now available on AirSwap

On-Chain Liquidity Integrations

On-chain liquidity in the ecosystem has recently seen significant growth. Delegates enable deep integration with AirSwap liquidity, discoverable and directly queryable by smart contract trading systems. Kyber liquidity can flow through to AirSwap, and AirSwap Delegate liquidity can become a reserve on Kyber. We invite ecosystem projects to integrate with this new on-chain liquidity source.

More Makers, More Tokens, More Liquidity

Delegates remove a major bottleneck to being a maker on the network. Previously, only professional traders with the ability to write and run maker software could provide liquidity. With Delegates, we’ve created an intuitive interface and protocol functionality for limit orders to be stored on-chain. We expect the removal of this bottleneck to increase the number of makers on the network.

Delegates make it easy for everyday traders to add new tokens to the network–all without giving up custody of their tokens. Previously, adding a token would require automated maker software. With Delegates, a friendly interface will allow anyone to add any token with a few simple clicks. We expect the ability for anyone to add tokens to the network will increase the number of tokens available on the network.

Delegates enable new ways to trade and enable more “trade loops” to complete. For example, a manual trader can now add tokens to the network, with a specific price, and that limit order is propagated to the AirSwap frontend so manual takers can compare the price against other manual or automated makers. By increasing these “trade loops”, we increase the amount of orders that are stored and aggregated on-chain, which gives more competitive options to takers. More trading possibilities for both makers and takers creates a virtuous cycle, resulting in more liquidity on the network.

Enabling Frictionless Trade

With Delegates, we’ve introduced a new component of the AirSwap system, interco...

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