Interview about Post-Quantum (Cryptography)


Hey everyone,

I am currently finishing my MSC thesis on “Designing a policy recommendation for blockchain to transition towards a quantum-safe environment”, and I have conducted most of the research and I am now at the stage where I will start interviewing people in the field to get their views on this topic. As I am doing it together with Deloitte, I already have 17 in-house experts that are willing to be interviewed, and from my own ‘personal’ connections, I have managed to find 14 others in the blockchain space with relevant expertise. From my research I found that Ethereum has plans for transitioning to post-quantum cryptography (I believe with the Splurge?). I would love to schedule an online session (30 min. to 1 hour) sometime in the middle of January with a lead-developer or cryptography expert at Ethereum to discuss their views on post-quantum cryptography and the barriers of implementation, along with certain drivers for change and potential limitations.

I would really appreciate it if we could set this meeting up, so if you are someone that is willing to conduct this interview or know anyone in Ethereum that would be open to this, please help me out!!

Thank you very much. Have a great holiday season and a hapyy new year!!