Interest bearing dollars on chain/ question about adoption


One great thing about leaving your money in a bank is that you get interest. USDC does not bear interest and Eth and other cryptos are risky.

Normal people may not always want to be invested into risky assets so it seems like they can hold dollars on chain which no risk like they can in the real world - the difference is a few percent each year. Currently I can deposit money in bank who can buy bonds and give me interest - most of the time this can equalise inflation (admittedly not in 2022).

If people have their money in Defi then they arent making money.

Some examples:

  1. Binance holds 30 bn in stable coins - which lose value over time. Robinhood has X dollars in a bank which gain value
  2. John sells ether and doesnt want to offramp (capital gains fees etc) its a bear market so hes scared to buy so he leaves his money in USDC which losesvalue. Mary sells AAPL and leaves her money in a bank during a bear market which still yields
  3. In 3 years people want to be able to accept payments/whatever on the blockchain because new smart contracts come out that are more efficient/cheaper/faster - they have no interest in investing it into risky assets due to lack of time and expertise - they leave their money in USDC it loses value. My sandwich man downt the road accepts my payment it goes to his bank account he makes yield
  4. My grandparents want to have their savings account on the blockchain except thats a stupid idea because it makes 0 interest hence banks which make 3% which is enough for him to live off of with 1mn in his account - hence we need banks at some profound level.

You get the idea.

Is this is a barrier to adoption - what are the solutions to this.