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Instead of just saying “buy the dip”, here are the reasons why ETH is undervalued currently

Some of the many important ones are here. Single post isn’t enough to list Ethereum uses 1. EIP-1559 is just weeks away. These burns create more demand and less supply 2. Ethereum is moving to PoS. Miners are now more incentivised to not sell and become validators in future 3. Adoption: Reddit chose Ethereum to auction it’s NFTs. Not the cheaper BSC or other faster platforms [Source]( 4. 8 out of top 20 MCap coins are based on Ethereum [Source]( 5. Israel is building it’s CBDC Shekel on Ethereum. Sweden, Palestine are expected to follow [Source]( 6. 6 out of 10 Top DeFi projects are built on Ethereum. [Source]( And many many more reasons! Sub $2000 Ethereum seemed like a dream in March/April. Just DCA and HODL!
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