In Writing NFTs are the end of JPEG NFTs

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Writing NFTs are IN on

What is a writing NFT, and how are people using them? Writing NFTs are NFTs comprised of text, instead of images. They can be created by anyone, but are used by writers, authors, poets, and other artists to store their work on the blockchain. By putting their writing NFTs on the blockchain, it allows writers and authors to profit off of their writing through selling or trading In Writing NFTs on!

Writing NFTs are how writers are making money online on! What are People Making with In Writing NFTs?

Since In Writing NFTs can be any text, people are making all kinds of media on the platform. Media ranges from generative art, text-based avatars, poetry, writing, and articles. If you can make it with text and characters, you can turn it into an In Writing NFT!

New to trading? Try crypto trading bots or copy trading In Writing NFT Poetry:

Poems are considered to be the most expressive form of writing, and authors are expressing themselves using In Writing NFTs on In Writing. Short poems are popular on the platform, as users resonate with certain poems, and purchase them to add to their collection.

Poems created by authors as In Writing NFTs on! In Writing NFT Avatars:

5x5guys is a popular avatar collection on In Writing, and is gaining traction as avatars on multiple social media platforms! They all have randomized attributes, that range from goofy, serious, cool, and just plain weird. 5x5guys is the first In Writing NFT collection on In Writing, and they start at 55 MATIC each.

5x5guys is an In Writing NFT collection on, popularly used as profile pictures on social media! In Writing NFT Ascii Art:

Of course with a text and character based NFT platform, ascii art will be a popular form of expression on the platform. The Fingees Monument Art Collection depicts a story of two Fingees traveling to many picturesque landmarks and mystical places. This collection is comprised of 15 In Writing NFTs, which are currently selling for 99 MATIC each.

The Fingees Monument Art Collection is an In Writing NFT collection on! In Writing NFT Usernames:

NFT usernames are also gaining traction on the platform. Cross platform usernames is one of the end goals of In Writing’s vision, and users have already started claiming their usernames in the form of In Writing NFTs.

Usernames created on as In Writing NFTs How to Get Started Creating In Writing NFTs

To get started, all you need is a MetaMask wallet! By following this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be creating In Writing NFTs within minutes!

Why Should Authors Choose for Your Writing NFTs?

In Writing NFTs offer one of the cheapest decentralized mediums for writers to get started creating content and earning from their hard work. With extremely low gas fees, authors can get started making In Writing NFTs with mere cents. It’s also one of the fastest growing decentralized marketplaces, as it has over 5,000 NFTs created in the last 2 months. If you consider yourself to be an author, poet, writer, or other literary figure, In Writing is the writing NFT platform for you!