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In what ways can someone benefit from a peer-to-peer IoT data marketplace? - DataBrokerDAO

In the IoT data marketplace ecosystem we have identified four distinct groups that can benefit greatly from participating in a peer-to-peer data marketplace. Sensor owners, data buyers, data processors and network operators all have a clear advantage. In this blogpost we will go into detail on each of them and try to give you a complete overview of these stakeholders

Stakeholders in DataBroker DAO’s ecosystem Sensor owners

Sensor owners are the stakeholders who have purchased IoT sensors and offer the data emitted from their sensors for sale via the DataBroker DAO platform. This is a diverse group that has generally purchased sensors in order to improve the efficiency of their operations. The key role of Sensor Owners in DataBroker DAO is to sell the data from their sensors on the platform.

Data buyers

Data Buyers are those stakeholders who will purchase data on the platform. The scope of this purchase could be to use the data in its raw form, for their own purposes, or to transform/enrich the raw data to be resold with added value via DataBroker DAO (see Data Processor below).

The use of the data purchased by Data Buyers can be quite straightforward, for instance purchasing temperature and rainfall data provisioned by a neighbouring office building to get accurate local readings, to the more complex, like purchasing data to train one’s AI.

Data processors

Data Processors are those Data Buyers who purchase data with the explicit intention of enriching the data and either reselling it or handling it for their clients. The enrichment may take many forms and Data Processors can be categorized by the level of insight provided:

Simple data services are the most common. Data brokers collect data from multiple sources and offer it in collected and conditioned form — data which would otherwise be fragmented, conflicted and sometimes unreliable.Smart data services provide conditioned and calculated data, with analytical rules and ...
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