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⚠️ If you own 0 ETH and don't use this as a buying opportunity then you're truly missing out.

The technology in ETH is incredible, we are DeFi, NFTs are built on Ethereum. Food, toilet paper companies and the NBA are all using ethereum right now. That's crazy. Mark Cuban is doing multiple hour long podcasts about intimate details of Ethereum. PayPal has added support for us. If you become too impatient and sit on the sidelines (and maybe buy doge only now after they just had a 300% pump and its done) then I think you'll regret it. There's a lot of positive fundamentals for ETH right now with the upcoming EIP and a now accelerated ETH2. Plus the bitcoin charts still look healthy. [I am pretty sure we're going above 3k here]( It would just be sad if you missed it because you're neck deep in some random alt or sat and watched this buying opportunity go by in fiat!
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